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Dictionary of World Power

Since the end of the last century, the world has been facing a set of challenges that the existing institutions are unable to address and solve. This is a fact, and it has been confirmed over the past thirty years by a succession of all kinds of crises. Citizens have found that the beautiful ideal of freedom regularly preached by free-market sycophants is just a facade set up to conceal the altar of greed. In this extensive work by ten enthusiastic writers (only available in Spanish for the moment), the Forum for a new World Governance explores, has tried to capture, and analyzes these changes, convinced that the answers to these crises must be provided by citizens themselves.
_ The dictionary format makes it possible to navigate through the mazes of our changing history, with constant comings and goings between the past, the present, and future, and to move through the rich complexity of its 108 entries. The topics dealt with are remarkably diverse, ranging from Globalization to Governance of Space, from China to International Law, from World Economy to Ressentiment. From traditional entries like War and Peace, to surprising ones like Poetry or Football. The dictionary also gives prominence to history as well as to prospects. In the same perspective, it juxtaposes practices and the theories often underpinning them. Some entries are devoted to individuals and others to notable events, but in general, purely biographical and historical entries have been limited to the benefit of theme-based ones. Presentation of the dictionary is also available in Chinese.