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Conference for Climate Change

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Saturday, June 30, 2007 - 06:07

Our global cooperative system to control greenhouse-gas emissions is a system in the shape of an international agreement in several points. The objectives of this proposal consist essentially of two parts. First, searching for alternative ways of reducing greenhouse-gas emissions that are mostly from energy-related sources, and second, a method for monitoring the conduct of each country.
The authors of this paper seek to find a solution to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions without seriously damaging the global economy, as well as creating a fair system of governing this crucial problem. It is about creating a system of rewards for efficiency for developed countries and rewards for improvement for developing countries. It is an incentive-based system that functions on a voluntary basis in view of improving on the Kyoto Protocol. As this is not a supranational organization, a more effective and efficient means of making nations respect and abide by the agreement are sought. This is to ensure that all countries will participate in this global initiative.

The proposal focuses essentially on the private sector, because in order for real reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions to take place, changes must come from industries and businesses themselves. By grouping countries in pairs through a system of bilateral cooperation, a mutual reinforcement between a developed and developing country can be established. In order to establish the agreements and follow up with the results, what is also proposed is the creation of an international summit, to be organized periodically. This will also enable amendments to be made among the nations.

Source: Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance -

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