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A new historical moment?

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Saturday, March 10, 2012 - 07:22

We are facing a cynical response from the elites concerning the ecological and economic crises. What is being sold to us as green economy is nothing but an attempt to have a new round of expansion of capitalism. It is an extension of neoliberalism, a new green Washington consensus, attempting not only to commodify the life in itself, but also to monetize it. It is said that the financial markets and the new technology will solve all our problems.

The Rio+20 agenda has nothing to do with sustainability or human rights, but everything to do with new opportunities about exploring new territories and profits for the economy. This has already happened by giving new economic value to the forests in terms of their carbon value. This agenda intends to expand these logics to new areas of nature like agriculture, oceans and others.

This video extract by Nicola Bullard is part of one of the final meetings at the Thematic Social Forum of Porto Alegre, in January 2012