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‘‘Do-tank’’: network action

‘‘Do-tank’’: network action

We have called "do tank"  our second component, which seeks to stimulate the networking of organizations in a movement for the transition towards a responsible, sustainable and inclusive global society.
From 2007 to 2015, the coordinators and members of FnWG participated in many forums, seminars and meetings, weaving strong bonds in all continents. This network activity has been very useful to build around the Forum a large alliance of actors who share broadly the same analysis and vision of the world, especially concerning globalization, its empowering potentiality as well as its immediate dangers.
As part of the World Democratic Forum, this network is going to be useful to better coordinate the collective action and to put more emphasis on intervention in the public space.
This can happen in two main forms:
- Promoting democratic global governance with key international actors and spaces, especially in the context of the project "Towards a World Citizens Movement”, as well as promoting translocalism i.e. contributiong to coordination with Alternatiba and RIPESS.
- Working locally (Geneva, New York, Hong Yong, Barcelona, ​​Lima, Brussels, etc.) with international governmental and non-governmental organizations: UN and its agencies, IUCN, ITUC, World Council of Churches, World Future Council, UCLG, ICLEI, etc.).
- Searching contacts and discussing with the international political party federations.
- Organizing conferences
In this context, we co-organized in March 2015, together with DEEEP / Concord,  Civicus and CGAP, the international seminar "Towards a World Citizens Movement" at the WSF 2015 in Tunis. We want to give continuity to this process. To do this, we will hold working meetings that will help us to build this global citizen movement.

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