A three-track basis of work

From 2007 to 2015, the FnWG  organized meetings in nearly a dozen regions. The World Social Forum was created fifteen years ago as a response to the World Economic Forum, to state that another world is possible. After all this time, we believe that the actors are familiar enough with the solutions to build a sustainable and inclusive world.

We have called "do tank"  our second component, which seeks to stimulate the networking of organizations in a movement for the transition towards a responsible, sustainable and inclusive global society.

From 2007 to 2015, the FnWG published around thirty papers on Global Governance. We have also recently published the Dictionary of World Power . In the framework of the World Democratic Forum, this set of comprehensive and coherent texts allows to put more emphasis on strategic thinking.


Citizens’ Empowerment for Global Justice (DEEEP)
Who are we?
Germà Pelayo
We are Syrians, Russians, Iraqis, Kurds, French, Malians, Tunisians, Palestinians, Nigerians, Yemenites, Libyans, Lebanese, Turks, Afghans,
Paul Raskin
How can we change the world?
Dictionary of World Governance
A new map of world issues and dynamics. Available in Spanish and French.
The World Governance Index
The World Governance Index (WGI) is an indicator developed in 2008 by the Forum for a new World Governance (FnWG). It aims to provide, year on year, a precise image of the situation of world governance and of its evolution.

Agenda and activities

08 August 2016
Montréal, QCCanada

Activities planned during the WSF of Montreal.

27 April 2016

The World Democratic Forum (WDf) is organizing 3 roundtable discussions as part of the International Civil Society Week in Bogota (http://civicus.org/ICSW). 25-28 April 2016

- World Citizenship and Global Governance : 1 for 7 Billion Campaign

Proposal Papers