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‘‘Think tank’’: Observatory of World Governance

‘‘Think tank’’: Observatory of World Governance

From 2007 to 2015, the FnWG published around thirty papers on Global Governance. We have also recently published the Dictionary of World Power . In the framework of the World Democratic Forum, this set of comprehensive and coherent texts allows to put more emphasis on strategic thinking. We are going to write and encourage others to write strategic works intended for the general public and for researchers, as well as for our closest partners

We are going to give priority to the following questions :

• What global governance do the ecological, social and citizen transitions need? (2015)

• How to help the political and social forces to influence international institutions so that they evolve towards a confederative world State, for which they will propose the shape and the architecture? (2016)?

• How the paradigm of the commons and the protection of global public goods can help us to develop a both binding and attractive participatory legal framework (2017)?

Moreover, in 2015 we are writing files  under the topic  "Who's Who in global governance." These files will help us to consolidate our network. This cartography of think tanks, institutes and initiatives in the field of global governance is to be published on our website and be updated regularly. This database is also designed to reinforce other areas:

• It will help to provide the basis for the global governance Forum "Dicasteries of  world governance".

• It will allow updating the possible and effective collaborations and partnerships by highlighting the resource persons for the network.

• Finally, the publication of blog articles on current events as seen from a perspective of democratic governance. This will help us to update regularly our "strategic vision".

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Dictionary of World Governance
A new map of world issues and dynamics. Available in Spanish and French.

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