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70. Ukraine, Russia


The Forum for a new World Governance launched the World Governance Index (WGI) project in 2008. The idea was to develop a “tool” that would allow the players in charge of governance to visualize emerging issues and problems and help them to reflect on the necessary solutions.
_ In this issue of the FnWG newsletter, we are offering the 2011 WGIs for two countries in the news, Ukraine and Russia, as compared to their respective 2008 WGIs, the first having just had a change of regime caused by a massive citizen movement, and the second, in strong disapproval of this movement, having supported the secession of one of Ukraine's provinces.
_ What were the WGIs for these two countries in 2011 and how had they evolved from 2008? The answer is below (hint: the devil is in the details).

_ See or publish the WGI map.

The IGM map and indicators are also available in Chinese.

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