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20. Rediscovering Nelson Mandela for the Twenty-first Century

Nelson Mandela’s passing has triggered, in the past few weeks, tributes to the man and reflections on his action. The man’s outstanding character made of his action much more than just a struggle for a people’s emancipation. How can we build a fair and free society in the twenty-first century based on the teachings offered by Mandela in the twentieth century? What would be the geographic scope of action? What would our paradigms be? What strategies would we draw up, for what goals? What obstacles would we find along the way?
_ Many are now asking what can be learned for the twenty-first century from Madiba’s personal and political life. There will be few answers to this question, and probably none actually up to the challenges of the coming decades, which far outweigh the challenge, seen in Mandela’s time as impossible, of overthrowing the Afrikaner Apartheid regime.

This article is intended as a sort of “practical guide” of ideas or proposals to be debated. To prevent the capitalist offensive from transforming the current economic ad social Apartheid into a future political Apartheid, we have several possible options, including, among others, a global peaceful revolution for a democratic transition that will lead to building a permanent World Citizens Parliament.
_ Also available in Chinese.