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20. Hello!

At a time when the planet is urgently needing democratic and fair world governance, we are offering, for this issue of the FnWG newsletter, our 2011 World Governance Index (WGI) Report, which follows up on the first report published in 2008. A recent report on digital publishing in the “Third World” suggests that developing countries can seize the digital opportunity as a way of responding to the needs of their communities. One Proposal Paper pinpoints the issues that have the capacity of “changing the whole system,” while a second one makes a strong argument to include the poor of the world in global decisions that will affect their conditions. A seminar in Rio de Janeiro has prepared a citizen agenda for Rio+20 around the concept of “biocivilization.” News, too, from our ally ADT Fourth World, and the WGI of two major emerging countries: India and China. Finally, a musical tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr., whose voice of hope has been a source of inspiration over the years.

FnWG Team