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The World Democratic Forum

The World Democratic Forum

“An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come” 
Victor Hugo

Why a World Democratic Forum?

How to understand a world in a state of accelerated transition that seems to lose its wits? How to respond to the challenges of today and tomorrow? How to construct a world that is peaceful, just and egalitarian? These are some of the questions that many of us are asking today and that beg coherent and concrete answers. Attempting to answer them is the purpose of the World Democratic Forum (WDM), a space for reflection, action and debate on the good governance of our planet.

The World Democratic Forum is a non-profit organization based in Geneva whose goal is to contribute to the construction of a world in sync with the values and visions of different cultures that uphold the principles of democracy, human rights and the rights of nature and the environment.



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Diccionario del Poder mundial
En este comienzo de siglo XXI, los ciudadanos son conscientes de que el mundo se encuentra confrontado, ya desde fines del siglo pasado, a una creciente serie de desafíos y problemas que las instituciones actuales son ampliamente incapaces de afro

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