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Continued dialogue and forum

Continued dialogue and forum

From 2007 to 2015, the FnWG  organized meetings in nearly a dozen regions. The World Social Forum was created fifteen years ago as a response to the World Economic Forum, to state that another world is possible. After all this time, we believe that the actors are familiar enough with the solutions to build a sustainable and inclusive world.
The World Democratic Forum will be a permanent economic, social and political forum, where the contours of this "another necessary world" should be drawn. The forum will work on the definition, feasibility, and eventually the operational conditions of the project that we call "the Dicasteries of the Global Governance". This project, currently under a consultation process, can have a great symbolic impact and advance awareness to the need for democratic global governance.
The first stage  is about launching and facilitating discussions within the international civil society (as in social forums, “transitional” oriented networks, deliberations taking place in popular and citizens assemblies) about the preparation and suites of the Sustainable Development Goals Conference (New York, September 2015) and the UN Climate Conference, COP 21 (Paris, December 2015). The focus should be on the development and dissemination of systemic proposals, rather than  non sector-specific ones as in the past.

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